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149 kB, 735 × 1200
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No. 197587
>Syrian and Iraqi regugees
Is Australia trying to be relevant or what? How refuges even get there? It's not Syria-Turkey-Europe route, it's on the other side of the planet.
No. 197606
Humanitarianism is cornerstone of Australian culture, we're very proud of giving everyone a fair go. So we go around all sorts of refugee camps and skim the best of the lot and let them come here.

Though once here they adopt too much Australian culture, ending up criminals and dole bludgers.
No. 197608
Aussies are really desperate to become a relevant country, notice how there are always so many aussies on imageboards even though they have less than 25 million people.

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3.1 MB, 480 × 480, 0:59
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1.1 MB, 480 × 480, 0:17
A thread for you to post your webm/MP4 videos.

I couldn't find one in the catalog
No. 197547
11.7 MB, 1280 × 720, 2:16
2.9 MB, 800 × 450, 0:49
8.3 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:57
6.6 MB, 480 × 360, 4:56
No. 197590
Wtf, link to the first video? What a cuck
No. 197600
Why do you watch her?
No. 197605
299 kB, 705 × 441
>2nd webm

Hide No. 195802 [Reply]
57 kB, 610 × 343
Taxation is not theft it's actually fucking insane. Let me show you. I earn a measly 35k a year and woohooooo I got 100€ tax return from 5700€ the paid income tax. On top of that comes another 7400€ for healthcare and other shitty insurances you are forced to pay. Oh btw all is literally crumbling away: Penisons, healtcare (they closed 2 public hospitals near mear...) geriatric care etc. yet I can't get out of that bad deal.

Back to topic
So after 4 months filing my tax I get 100€ back without interest which I didn't owe the state anyway and now I have 2 options.

A: Buy some shit I don't need anyway and pay tax on that unless it's a Polish hooker (hell yeah that's how I imagine free market, no taxes, cash, no traces).

B: Put it in my investement account and pay even more tax on that monies if I make a profit. THE TAX RIDE NEVER STOPS.

I cheer for everyone who is rich enough to hide his money on Panama since the state is just absurd with the amount of money it leeches from his people.

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No. 197577
91 kB, 600 × 509
No. 197589
such a butifel concept, almost like the new soviet man
No. 197594 Kontra
You're missing the point, but whatever.
No. 197604

You're right. America was a nation where the people defined themselves by what they believed, and among these beliefs were inalienable rights, that is to say that some rights are naturally given and cannot be taken away. The modern translation of this would be "human rights". And yes, Americans believed in the democratic process and in maintaining and caring for democratic institutions, in constitutional law, in liberty in both the benefits and the risks that it brings, in individual responsibility, industriousness, and the free enterprise system. They also believed that anyone could be an American so long as they shared these ideas, that wasn't limited to your family or your place of birth, or your station in life. In the truest and most important sense of the word, the only sense that has ever meant a damn and the one that men and women gave their lives for over hundreds of years, you and I were both Americans. We were brothers. Americanism was the only real utopianism that has ever exited, the only one that worked for a time and created the greatest nation on Earth... the greatest nation of all time. It was a nation of free men, enlightened thinkers, of poets, artists, heroes of science and industry.

And it's dead. America is dead.

Hide No. 197550 [Reply]
31 kB, 600 × 600
Do you think that some powerful people both in knowledge and money can manipulate us on massive scale by controlling our emotions, hormones, dreams and mind? They can use various methods of shaping reality of human race like propaganda, chemicals, food, some unknown weaponry etc.

So that we are literally their slaves no matter what we do or try. Only the smartest among us can escape and fight them but it always ends in assasination or making his life a misery to the point he ends as looney.
No. 197596
That nation is the nation of Bernst.

Or to say it otherwise, mostly young western white males who are red pilled enough and have a lot of critical thinking. Some of them willfully sacrifice to the altar of NEETdom and social ostracism.
No. 197597 Kontra
As a side note you don't need that much power.

Take a couple IP adresses and a couple bots and you could be spamming almost anywhere whatever you'd like. Maybe you miss a good plan?
No. 197602
72 kB, 788 × 685
No. 197603
> who are red pilled enough and have a lot of critical thinking
Being "red pilled" don't mean you have critical thinking. Many people just parrot what they hear from their youtube celebrities of choice and never question them as long as it doesn't contradict their views. See the Molyneux fanboys.

Hide No. 193417 [Reply]
72 kB, 1080 × 1080
Has Ernst heard about Berlin airport? They're building a new one which should have been finished in 2007 but they keep delaying it. Apparently a lot of managers also left and switched positions so nobody really knows anymore what's going on.

Conspiracy now says that they're actually building a secret underground military complex. The airport itself is just a proxy, hiding the real construction site.
What does Ernst think about that?
No. 197572
>spending money on military
No. 197575
You know they plan on counting the money spent on development aid as military spending, right?
No. 197576
It's not a conspiracy, Frankfurt has it already implemented and working since WWII.
No. 197601
Someone should shoop the Timmy Hillnigger text to "BLACKED" to cause butthurt in anyone who opens the picture.

Hide No. 197294 [Reply]
53 kB, 2182 × 1052
What music are you listening to? Share, comment and commence discuss.

I've been listening to some South American electronic. It's pretty trippy stuff and worth a listen:

>Nicola Cruz - Colibria
No. 197578
Miniman - Dub Core (Inside - 2016)
No. 197584 Kontra
Mexican Stepper - Piramide Del Sol [FULL ALBUM]
No. 197592
> slacker alt-rock, sounds like early type Weezer stuff
Enjoyed most of what they've put out. Its not fantastic by any means but some amusing lyrics and 90's essence makes in an enjoyable listen

> What if bossa nova incorporated Chinese instruments?
Really fucking cool cross over. Usually Chinese shit is godawful high pitched twings and twangs with a bit of dying cat screeches added in for good measure. But this is actually really pleasant to listen to (And considering John Zorn generally is known for noise/free jazz type stuff its doubly impressive)

> Jewish hip-hop

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No. 197599
SARS, one of the most successful alternative rock/pop bands from Serbia:


Hide No. 186902 [Reply]
27 kB, 741 × 609
> didn't eat any this day
> puked half of a hour ago
> strange feel in kidneys
Am I going to die?
No. 197370
Let boys and girls do their thing, you wouldn't want to be with them while she's giving him a handjob.
Chill out puppy.
No. 197372
I don't want to be with my friends always and everywhere, but his relations with this girl coincided with some sort of decline in our relations, and I'm just afraid hw won't spend time with me since he got gf.
I value him as a good friend and I don't think I can replace him
No. 197552
1.8 MB, 3264 × 2448
305 kB, 2048 × 1536
Rode my motorbike down along the coast, put 100km on it today, and cracked 4000 total kilometres. I stopped a couple times to try get photos, but there weren't too many good spots and I was too paranoid to ride it onto the beach itself since I have no idea how well it would go on the sand.

My skills are slowly improving and I feel more confident. I will soon start doing deliveries on it and will save up to buy one of those Ural motorbike with the sidecar so I can pack all my camping gear and take my dog on my journeys too.

They also cleaned my dog today too, they put a yellow ribbon in her hair this time.
No. 197598
>girl keeps giving me bullshit excuses
God i hate this shit

Hide No. 192722 [Reply]
51 kB, 600 × 800
Are you a pathological liar?
No. 197361
Yes but I might be lying tho
No. 197376
Every statement I make is a lie.
No. 197593
yes, almost all of my relationships has been built upon lies. any advice from ernst?
No. 197595
I say only truth, therefore I am the most hated man in 100km range

Hide No. 197539 [Reply]
187 kB, 1080 × 1350
seaside selfie edition
No. 197581
She's still ugly but uses heavy photoshop now
No. 197585
lolcow thread.
No. 197586 Kontra
why is this shit allowed
No. 197588 Kontra

Hide No. 192280 [Reply]
221 kB, 900 × 900
♩ ♪ ♫ ♬
I am from Bosnia,take me to America
I really want to see Statue of Liberty
I can no longer wait,take me to United States
Take me to Golden Gate, I will assimilate
♩ ♪ ♫ ♬
No. 195445
>they're basically one of the most popular bands in ex-yu shitholes
Exactly - Common denominator. You said taste, because it's a pleb tier for you In bosnia, probably you heard them thousands of times too. But for foreigners it interesting, new and they demand some digging to hear.
Ask Americans to compare stromae with Drake. I am sure that some will tell you that stromae is some elite tier music and Drake is just another pop-crap.
No. 195469
More like it's called special snowflake syndrome.

There is fucktons of much much worse music coming from Serbia.
No. 195659
im fine with being called a special snowflake
i'd much prefer being that than a listener of the music posted itt
and although, technically turbo folk and whatnot is probably worse, i would still rather listen to a trashy song from a trashy musician who doesnt show an inflated sense of self-importance in the stuff they do than something like dk
No. 197570
I don't like dk either, much too cheap in anything. SARS sounds much more tolerable to me, though.