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Hide No. 58445 [Reply]
45 kB, 600 × 450
3.7 MB, 568 × 320, 0:54
3.8 MB, 480 × 360, 1:18
Guinea pigs make the cutest sounds. What pets does ernst have?
No. 58844
I keep hearing my little guys making these weird grunt/purring sounds for no reason. It's adorable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RGw7rHFvVo I can't even find the exact sound because they keep making it while they're snoozing.
No. 58880
40 kB, 317 × 257
La muerte Peluda
No. 58890
I have two dogs. They are anxious and socially awkward like me. I love them, but I still miss my old dog.
No. 58894
347 kB, 973 × 941
That guinea pig doesn't sound cute, it sounds like a dying animal screeching to be put out of its misery

t. high test dog owner

Hide No. 58707 [Reply]
190 kB, 845 × 833
>procrastinate 2 weeks about sending off job applications
>tell myself that I won't watch porn until I send off at least 1.
>wait a day or few until I manage to write 250 words on "what skills and experience I can bring"
Now I don't really feel like watching some porn. Is this how to be free of the eternal lender?
No. 58862
I read he got a friend to have the other component parts sent to his house to avoid suspicion.
I wonder why it didn't go off properly though.
No. 58878
Same setti but I studied Law because I thought "Hey there will definitely be jobs everywhere at the end of it!"

Have you tried the Civil Service Jobs website? As they use a standard template of questions you can copy and paste answers making sending applications much easier. There are internships going at the foreign office this month if you can get down to London.
No. 58889
It's not "illegal" to buy phosphorus but private individuals canot buy it. IIRC meth makers just buy it in Mexico anyway.
No. 58892
Last place I worked kept their supply of phosphorus under lock and key and had to worry about the DEA auditing their supply because meth.

Hide No. 58885 [Reply]
122 kB, 480 × 360
If a man can cook for himself, stimulate himself with porn/other masturbatory aids, donate sperm to ensure his genes pass on, and have many close male friends to discuss things with, what's the incentive to find a wife?
No. 58886 Kontra
nobody is going to use your sperm loser
No. 58887
Man ass smells worse than pussy.
No. 58891
Based on the Swiss guy here who can only cook pasta, tomato sauce, and overcooked breaded fried meat, men largely are incapable of cooking.

Hide No. 58789 [Reply]
1.4 MB, 706 × 944
How do I stop being weird? Or, how do I stop being perceived as weird?

I'm tired of people telling me that I'm weird.
No. 58876
lets fix it once and for all
>I have no experience at all with woman
No. 58877
I'm not talking about romantic relationships.
No. 58882
we already know you have mommy issues
No. 58888
Girls are so mean to you and for no reason at all!

Hide No. 57816 [Reply]
286 kB, 1920 × 1340
19 kB, 793 × 461
So I visited my friend, his family is quite well off. He showed me a Japanese toilet they had in their house. He told me it cost them around 9400 euro. I said "oh cool", but in my mind I thought if it was morally justifiable to spend that amount of money for a shitbox.
No. 58861
78 kB, 800 × 522
looks pretty normal to me tbh
which ofc makes the pricing a bit off
No. 58879
297 kB, 1600 × 1067
I'm surprised we haven't engineered something more complicated yet.
No. 58883
I had really bad constipation problems as a young child and my mother, god bless her soul, had to put her finger in my butt and dig out poops.
No. 58884
That is a textbook example of German engineering.

So many parts that it's bound to fail within 6 months of manufacture.

Hide No. 57827 [Reply]
8.3 MB, 1216 pages
You can upload pdf here, which is nice.
No. 58847
12.5 MB, 178 pages
No. 58853
17 kB, 437 × 320
>Seafood omelette with broccoli covered in cheddar cheese sauce

Who on earth would conceive of, let alone eat this?
No. 58870
Contender for deadliest fart on the face of earth
No. 58881
According to a cursory Google search, a lot of people like this omelette, including bloggers based in the UK.

Hide No. 58434 [Reply]
26 kB, 680 × 510
Why is he so goddamn hellbent on waring Russia so much?


>US President Donald Trump has spoken to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to congratulate him on his electoral victory two days ago.

>He said they they would meet in the "not too distant future" to discuss the arms race, Ukraine and Syria.

>US Senator John McCain criticised Mr Trump over the call.

>"An American president does not lead the free world by congratulating dictators on winning sham elections. And by doing so with Vladimir Putin, President Trump insulted every Russian citizen who was denied the right to vote in a free and fair election to determine their country's future, including the countless Russian patriots who have risked so much to protest and resist Putin's regime," McCain said in a statement.
No. 58667
134 kB, 748 × 960
Yee-haw, cowboy.
No. 58686
mccain is the manchurian candidate
No. 58703
That's a simple one. McCain is a man with character and principles. Trump is an ordinary crook, same as Putin and his clique.
No. 58872
1.2 MB, 480 × 320, 0:01
McCain is controlled by ZOG.

Hide No. 58777 [Reply]
178 kB, 1024 × 768
Why do I feel "alive" only when I'm angry?
No. 58800 Kontra
Normally we are cold, passionless and don't give a fuck while when we're angry it's the opposite.

sorry for being unclear, I'm IQ89(for real) at expressing myself
No. 58815
I only feel alive when I'm doing 150 kmh on black iced over highways after a good late March snowfall
No. 58859
t. from krautkanker
No. 58869
If you're OP, you made a pretty shitty thread, so you have no moral high ground for anti-Americanism.

Hide No. 58139 [Reply]
201 kB, 930 × 1206
What does Ernst think of Metal? What are your favorite bands and genres?

For me, the greatest genres are: Heavy Metal (especially the NWOBHM), Thrash Metal, OSDM, Black Metal, Doom Metal, Sludge Metal and, yes, Glam Metal.

Other genres I find consistently listenable: '90s Gothic Metal, Death/Doom Metal, Crossover Thrash, Technical Thrash Metal, Power Metal, War Metal, Folk Metal and Viking Metal

Genres that are okay, but I don't find myself revisiting: Groove Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Death 'n' Roll, Avant-Garde Metal, Stoner Metal and Grindcore

And the following is absolute garbage: 99% of Tech Death, Slam Death Metal, Djent, Gothenburg Metal, "Alternative" Metal and Corset Metal
No. 58845
Some tech death is good, but most of the genre is terrible
No. 58850
I listen to burzum quite iften
No. 58855
How can you not love bands like Melvins or Boris?

Hide No. 58770 [Reply]
29 kB, 309 × 446
89 kB, 829 × 827
92 kB, 640 × 640
70 kB, 563 × 515
Among Americans overall, a huge sex difference: many more men support free speech online, whereas many more women favor 'making others feel welcome and safe'.

No. 58817
Free speech in the US only means that the government can't imprison you based on what you say, as long as what you say isn't hate speech or inciting a riot or such. Many people here misunderstand free speech and think it means that you can say whatever you want without social repercussions and that every opinion is equal. The alt-right is of the former category; they think that their rhetoric should be allowed everywhere and that they should never meet any dissenting opinions. They want to be protected from criticism, which is ironic because they claim others are "snowflakes", incapable of handling critique.

If people ever truly understand what free speech really is, there wouldn't be a problem. It's a good thing. But too many people think that free speech means that they should be allowed to do whatever they want free of criticism, as a protected class of snowflake people, like big babies.
No. 58836
I can understand why the majority have come to hold such an opinion. Even before 4chan you would hear about the women on forums I frequented getting sent death/rape threat PMs for disagreeing with another poster or simply because their sex came up in a life discussion.

The few schizos who do such things have now succeeded in ruining it for everyone by providing perfect ammunition to support absurd arguments from governments and the media to regulate the internet. Worse still I used to get nudes and cyber with qts but butthurt incels have ruined that with blackmail attempts.
No. 58852
The trouble with fighting for human freedom is that one spends most of one's time defending scoundrels. For it is against scoundrels that oppressive laws are first aimed, and oppression must be stopped at the beginning if it is to be stopped at all.
No. 58867 Kontra
162 kB, 500 × 438
>they think that their rhetoric should be allowed everywhere

The stuff I've seen involving this is in the context of discussions on American collage campuses and the right to political protest. I get that some teenager on twitter shouting 'free ROFLCOPTER rides for leftists' is moronic but broad brush terms like the Alt-Right pose a problem in themselves for debates over speech when they discredit legitimate arguments by association.

Well yeah, I'm just hypothesising on why the gender divide has come about instead of just going 'hurr hurr girls r dumb'. The results in >>58778 are also telling given blacks generally get similar levels of hate.