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Hide No. 35547 [Reply]
83 kB, 1280 × 913
Is it OK to have an 18-year-old girlfriend if I'm 30? How about just fucking them?

t. wondering if I should go for teens
No. 35590
if you're past 28 and no stable relationship you should just embrace the celibacy
your sperm is defective already anyway
No. 35593

People just tend to get more serious as they get older. I can joke with women in their 30s, but the jokes are usually much milder. Younger girls laugh their heads off at something every day and you rarely see that in older women.
No. 35598
21 kB, 301 × 351
>0.01 shekels deposited into your account
t. settled down and started making babies at 29
No. 35599
im jew

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183 kB, 1280 × 680
Old one is on systemkontra and falling, but it was a good thread for casual discussion that would otherwise not be discussed due to its triviality meaning that making a dedicated thread would be pointless.

Do supermarkets offer plastic bags for free in your country? Since 2017 they cost about 5 Rappen (cents) here in order to disincentivize people from taking them.
No. 35577
Ich browse jeden Tag EC, mal weniger mal mehr
Mal mit Action und mal ganz leger
Doch am Wochenende geht's erst richtig los
Stats checken, posten, KC-tier, Blogpost
Freitag ist Posttag, vielleicht ein paar Threads
5 Scheißposten, Populisten von Rechts
Dann kommen die Homies Schizo und Jack
Und erzählen mir voll drauf, dass 'ne Diskussion ansteht.

Endlich Wochenende! Unendlich viele Posten lesen
Endlich Wochenende! Die Welt mit Apus Augen seh'n
Endlich Wochenende! Los, die Fäden high
Endlich ist wieder 'ne Scheißwoche vorbei!
No. 35595
Getting drunk alone at home again while listening to sad music.
I hate fridays.
No. 35596
Also not because I have to be lonely, but because I choose to be lonely.
That makes it even more depressing.
No. 35597
I'm doing pretty much the same tbh
listening to classical music drinking beer
outside is shit weather and I don't really care about local events tbh

Hide No. 34355 [Reply]
83 kB, 800 × 533
What's cooking, Ernst?
No. 34573
not hungry today, ernst.
No. 35579
post more food pics
No. 35589
636 kB, 2235 × 1709

It was burger tier in a burger thread.
No. 35594
141 kB, 900 × 600
113 kB, 900 × 600

Hide No. 35479 [Reply]
23 kB, 800 × 680
any local girls who wanna hang out etc?
No. 35583
those are not girls, but sissies and manchildren
No. 35584
126 kB, 652 × 800
I want. We meet in Helsinki.
No. 35587

He's right. The internet is mostly girls these days.
No. 35592
i don't want to argue, but i think it's false

Hide No. 35395 [Reply]
304 kB, 1244 × 387
Post some words you had to look up
No. 35398
last translations
scheitel ge->ru
balija sr>en
крошки ru>en
No. 35401
I had to look for a counterpart of "olfactory" to describe things related to sense of taste. Apparently the word is "gustatory".
I was arguing why cooking is actually a form of art, and wanted to argue that just as music appeals to auditory aesthetics and painting to visual aesthetics, cooking appeals to gustatory and secondarily olfactory aesthetics.
No. 35591
from this list most of them

Hide No. 35555 [Reply]
231 kB, 1050 × 608
Check out how I cope with my fear of creating a threada.
No. 35561 Kontra
Nah its fine, everybody is entitled to his own thredas
No. 35562
No. 35563
Creating good thredas is not always so easy.
No. 35582
i don't create threads, because i don't have any interesting opinion to share and also i know the thread will not be popular, so i will get few answers and it will upset me

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64 kB, 640 × 480
1.6 MB, 2800 × 2100
805 kB, 4848 × 3292
3.8 MB, 4128 × 3096
Post your best GIF/JPG/PNG of guns.
No. 35101
No. 35217
I don't have any guns.
No. 35367
No. 35580

Hide No. 35494 [Reply]
2.5 MB, 540 pages
10.0 MB, 750 pages
5.6 MB, 880 pages
3.5 MB, 774 pages
What are your views on:
-free will
-political philosophy
also, who's your favorite philosopher?
No. 35569
A very German thread, I have no idea about.

But from my arm chair viewing of many videos especially Jiddu Krishnamurti and Zizek.

I can say,
  • Ethic: I would like to have more of it, but I'm in India, so I really can't have more of it unless if I want to beg in the streets.
  • Free Will: Yes, I like it.
  • Metaphysics: What's that?
  • Theology: I believe religion is not necessary to be spiritual.
  • Political Philosophy: Maybe Anarcho-Capitalism?

> Favorite philosopher

[Show 1 more line]

No. 35570
Politics isnt separated from human life because it is human life.
No. 35578
>free will
i want to have it, but i doubt it exists
No. 35588 Kontra
>A very German thread
no, it's not. op is most likely anglo/american and /pol/ poster. if he was really into philosophy the op would've been different.

Hide No. 35516 [Reply]
113 kB, 686 × 800
I can say I found The ultimate RP definite answer to why Goyim hate the Jews:
>The Six Common Reasons for anti-Semitism
>Economic: Jews are hated because they possess too much wealth and power.
>Chosen People: Jews are hated because they arrogantly claim they are the chosen people.
>Scapegoat: Jews are a convenient group to single out and blame for all the troubles.
>Deicide: Jews are hated because they killed Jesus.
>Outsiders: Jews are hated because they are different than the rest of society.
>Racial Theory: Jews are hated because they are an inferior race.
>Let us examine these six frequently-given reasons and determine if they are truly causes or excuses.
No. 35538
Let's try it on me.

>Economic: Jews are hated because they possess too much wealth and power.
Wrong. 🎵 Oi ikh bin a mazeldiker, mazeldiker yid! Vi ikh gey und vo ikh shtey her ikh nokh nor eyn geshrey: oi ich bin a mazeldiker, mazeldiker yid. 🎵
>Chosen People: Jews are hated because they arrogantly claim they are the chosen people.
Yeah, that was very arrogant. The worst part they still say this not as obvious "romantic" ultranationalist motto but they actually believe in it.
Actual chosen people are Armenians in Russia and Ottoman Empire, Parsi in India and Manjurians/Huizu in China. checks reason
>Scapegoat: Jews are a convenient group to single out and blame for all the troubles.
They were created by Europeans to be so and I'm not reatarded enough to comply demands of any overlords if there's no actual treat.
>Deicide: Jews are hated because they killed Jesus.

[Show 4 more lines]

No. 35571
97 kB, 1500 × 1000
No. 35572
That feel when nazis and Israelis should unite to defeat the international Jews.
No. 35576
You even have to ask?

Hide No. 35410 [Reply]
365 kB, 500 × 275, 0:00
I finally made the decision that I am going to gaymarry another man.

It has been a long way to come to the point of admitting that this is what I want, but now I can finally be honest with myself.

All I need now is a lovely young man to fall in love with me and wanting to become my husband.
No. 35460
Good luck, I hope you get a cute husbando.
No. 35461
Why did the Irish become so dissatisfied with the church again?
No. 35504
6 kB, 500 × 500
Thank you, friend!
No. 35575
5.5 MB, 3200 × 2400
Pic related would be my dream husband, by the way.